In Numetry, you are sent on a journey to the Mathema solar system together with the crew of the spaceship Magellan. Your mission is to find a group of astronauts who mysteriously disappeared. In Numetry, only your Math skills can unravel the mystery of the Envoy's disappearance. Are you ready for an exciting and educational journey into space? Told through beautiful hand-drawn animations as the crew of the Magellan zips through the Mathema Star System trying to discover what happened to their predecessors - The Envoy, and the ancient alien civilization that once colonized the stars. 
My work consisted in creating high quality illustrations and concepts to bring Mathema to life, from UI/UX to skins and cute pets.
Pets Special Halloween Celebration Splash Art :)
Thumbs/Sketches that were sent out to the art lead to choose the one that would get finished.
Numetry 3.0 Characters Concept Art
Setebos and Skadi skin concepts by Jéssica Boás. Vector rendering by me :)
System Map Islands
Asteroid Belt map door
Door Decryptor Minigame Art
Parallax Background Art
Mini Game Screen Sample
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